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About Superhero Simulator:

This is a very unique fighting game, combining high-octane Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon style acrobatics with MCU-style superhero powers and mixing them together with a very well designed create-a-fighter core gameplay mechanic.

There are no pre-designed characters in this game, you create all of them yourself, that is what sets this game out from all the other fighting games.

You want to create a superhero that can summon huge tornadoes that pickup your opponent and send them flying? Or maybe you would prefer to create a lightsaber-wielding Sith Lord type of character? Perhaps you want to create an evil Captain America-like character that shoots lasers out of his eyes like Superman? Well in this game you can do all of that!

Before I get into the super powers, I should mention that you also have kick and punch attacks, which are different for each of the fighting styles (i.e. a martial arts style character will have completely different attacks and combos than an MMA style character). Each fighting style also has it’s own unique manual combos (but there’s also 2 preset combos that can be done with the Triggers).

Now onto the main draw of this game, super powered attacks! Super powered attacks are all done with either a direction and the power button or just the power button by-itself. Each direction does a completely different power attack. Power attacks drain your power meter.

In order to use some of the powers, outfits, and fighting styles, you will need to unlock them by playing Arcade, Survival, and Mission modes.

Arcade consists of several matches against randomly created fighters.

Survival is an endless series of matches against randomly created fighters, but you don’t get any health or power meter back between rounds.

To win a match, you need to win 3 rounds (but in Survival mode, it ends when you lose a single round against a cpu opponent).

Mission mode is a single match against a specific super powered create-a-fighter cpu opponent (which always unlocks something the first time you win).

There’s also the standard offline 2P VS and Training modes.

Most of your time in this game will be spent in the Creation mode creating your numerous fighters. Each fighting style has its own set of character slots (sub-divided by Male and Female), so for example, the 001 character slot in MMA Male is a different character than the 001 character slot in Martial Arts Male. This makes it easier to go through your collection of fighters if you have a huge list of them.

For a character’s costume, you can choose the hair, glasses, half-mask, upper and lower parts (all of which can be colored from a large selection of colors). You can also equip a full costume instead of the upper and lower parts.

And of course, the most crucial step in creating a fighter is what super power he/she will have. My personal favorites are the tornado/lightning super powers, the laser optic blast (aka heat vision) super power, the Omega-X super power (which basically combines several super powers into one moveset), and of course the lightsaber superpower.

I really like the realistic-style graphics for the super powered attacks, it’s much cooler to summon a realistic-looking tornado in this game than a cartoony cel-shaded one (like you see in pretty much ever other fighting game). For me, it makes the attack seem much more terrifying since it actually looks like you just swept someone up with a real tornado, as opposed to games like Ultimate Marvel VS Capcom 3 where you just summon a Looney Tunes looking tornado.

I also like all the backflipping and acrobatic moves your character does throughout the match. After doing a super powered combo attack, your character will do several backflips away from the opponent to give some breathing room to him/her. This makes it so that you can’t just spam super powered attacks over and over again to win the match (you’ll also run out of your power meter after doing a certain amount of super powered attacks, so that keeps the fight fair too).

To sum it up, if you like being able to create your own superhero (or supervillain) or lightsaber wielding warrior and want to pit them in a flashy, fast paced epic battle, then this game is definitely for you!

If I had to describe it in a just a few words I would say it’s like mashing Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon with a one-on-one final battle in an MCU movie (aka pure epicness).

Highly recommended!

How to run Superhero Simulator roblox script / Exploit /Code / Hack and cheat

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  3. Run The Script Via Your Favorite Executor App (Zeus, Delta, Furk Ultra etc)
  4. Enjoy 🙂