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Overview Save Me, Sakuya-san:

You’re going through some really dark times, so much so that you needed some immediate intervention, however, at the last minute, your soul was heard crying for help, and Sakuya Izayoi was sent to intervene, she’s more than happy to spend a couple of days with you to cheer you up, so make the most of it, or end up as the mistresses next special meal… I want to marry Sakuya Izayoi from the Touhou Project. Ever since I was a young boy I’ve been interested in silver haired women, but I’ve mostly been repelled because they are stupid old women who do not know how to think.

One day, while I was playing Touhou 6 Embodiment of Scarlet Devil, I saw an image of a peculiar silver hair with a maid attire. I immediately fell in love. The short, luscious hair, the dominating yet cute attire, the smug, tsundere, yet cute personality all formed into one perfect being by the name of Sakuya Izayoi. And so I began my search for Sakuya, I played all the touhou games with all the spell cards just so I could the most out of her majesty.

I searched all of Danbooru for images of her, just so I could get to see her beautiful maid body. I love Sakuya. She is in love with me. Yet the reality barrier separates us like Romeo and Juliette. It is the cruel fate that is reality that separates such star-crossed lovers from each other. Only something so powerful as the reality barrier can separate me from my dear Sakuya. For it is my true fate to be married to my lover.

On dark days where there is no sun, I shall caress Sakuya and tell her everything is alright. On bright days, where there is nought but bliss, I will stay by her side, to share the bliss infinitefold, like two mirrors in proximity. On the adventurous days, we will go out and enjoy each other. Some days, we will stay in the SMD. Some days, we will go out and solve incidents together. And always, we will have each other . Each other’s hearts. For it is the true love that does not brag, it only contains itself infinitely. Such is the love of me and Sakuya Izayoi.

Save Me, Sakuya-san Free Download:

  1. Easy going, casual visual novel gameplay!
  2. Beautiful artwork
  3. The many stunning scenes
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1 :: Operating System :: Windows XP/7/8/8./10.
2 :: Processor: Dual Core CPU
3 :: Ram :: 4 GB RAM
4 :: DirectX: Version 9.0
5 :: Graphics:: Integrated Graphics Card
6 :: Space Storage:: 300 MB space

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