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X-ray Crystallography…

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Important Principles of Direction…

Use of preaching J. S. O’Rourke, IV (2010). Direction Communicating: A lawsuit psychoanalysis advance. (4th ed.) Speed Charge River, NJ: Apprentice Foyer. Learn more: Test on Taylorism Awad, S. S., Fagan, S. P., Bellows, C., Albo, D., Green-Rashad, B., De La Garza, M., & Berger, D. H. (2005). Bridging the communicating gap in the or […]

Are you good at descending? I am getting there.

So recently at the expo at Dirty Kanza the Friday before the race I ran into Jayson O’Mahoney who is The Gravel Cyclist. One of the first people I have known to create such an incredible following for all things gravel from a blog. He is a great person and has a lot of experience. […]