Talk about Freedom on a bicycle. I met with Bill Poindexter this week. If you don’t know Bill, you probably have seen him riding around KC with groceries or with a tent and sleeping bag on his bike. Bill has been living car free in Kansas City for 10 years. How cool is that! Here is a recent article in 435 South about him. Bill wanted to talk to me about riding and racing gravel, which is kind of funny because I learned that he has been riding gravel long before gravel became popular. Anyway Bill has some pretty cool things going on that I wanted to share. He is an expert in bike packing. Bike packing is basically camping by bike- taking everything you need to survive (eat and drink) and camp on your bike. You can go anywhere, stop at places you find interesting, sleep wherever you want. Pretty cool idea. Bill is hosting a Bike Packing and Gravel travel workshop tomorrow in Loose Park if you are interested in finding out more about Bike Packing. You can find out more about his bikepacking school here. His motto or mission is that, “the world would be a better place if everyone rode a bicycle for fun and transportation.” I certainly agree! #cyclingisfreedom #bikepacking #adventureawaits

Here is an example of one bike all set up for some Bike Packing

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